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November 14, 2014


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Cindee Droge

Scientific evidence shows that there is more danger in not taking the measles vaccine than danger from the vaccine. If a family member of mine, who cannot take the vaccine for legitimate reasons such as still in the womb, under 12 months, illness or diseases that are documented for causing harm, etc., I will sue the family who made the stupid decision not to vaccinate their child. I will win because there is no medical/scientific evidence supporting their right to harm others. These parents really need to stop and think of the harm it is causing others.


Cindee- What specific scientific evidence do you reference which show children not vaccinated in the US are more at risk of measles death than children who are vaccinated? Mandating all vaccines for all children without regard for bio-individuality and individual health status, completely side-stepping pediatricians and parents, is outrageous. And goes against the very foundation of informed consent and doctor/ medical code of ethics.


This is a powerful article. It must be noted that these parents, like many in California, are NOT anti-vaccination, they are PRO-choice. When you make the argument for herd-immunity, you forget the vast majority of the population are adults who are not up to date on their vaccinations and therefore no longer immune (for that matter, inoculation does not equate immunity!). Over and over again, we say, this is a personal rights violation. Parents can be educated by their doctors, build that parent doctor relationship, and strong quarantines can be placed during any outbreak on any child who is not fully vaccinated. There are many ways to protect the other children in the "herd", but mandatory vaccination is not the perfect solution as it is deeply unconstitutional, unethical, and illegal. Let's find better ways to educate people, keep rates high, and maintain a parents sovereignty over their child in matters of medical importance.


Gotta love freedom! What's next, the government saying they have studies that prove guns kill people, so we all have to turn in our guns? Or your child develops cancer, and the treatment is not your choice, but mandated by the government? If you don't do chemo or XYZ, you go to jail?

We are losing freedoms a little at a time, all in the name of big government thinking they can run our lives better than we can. What happened to the America I grew up in? It's dead.

(And the mandatory vaccine thing is as bad as it can get, since it's injected into your system and 100% irreversible)


BTW....We are fighting the mandatory vaccine laws on the wrong front as well. Arguing for personal choice and infringement of Constitutional rights won't work anymore, we don't have a solid Constitution since Obama took office. We need to hit them with common sense arguments. Number one, they will never make vaccinations 100% mandatory without a "home schooling" exemption, as that would be undoubtedly communist. They are only using the home schooling exemption because they know nearly all parents will just decide to vaccinate out of "lack of options". This is the weakness in their plan and in the law itself.....how effective can a mandatory vaccination policy be, with an exemption? These kids may go to an environment where kids are 100% vaccinated at school, but what happens when they leave and go to the mall, or Chuck E Cheeses or ......? Makes no sense. We need to pushback where we know they can't go and beat them at their own game. The only answer would be to make the non-vaccinated home schooled kids be quarantined to their homes, for life. No law maker will ever get that to fly. Without this, their policy is completely ineffective and will have to be overturned.


Cindee - From 2005 - 2015, no deaths in U.S. from measles, over 100 deaths from measles vaccine. Perhaps all those families whose children died, or were vaccine injured, should sue you? What's fair is fair. And then there is Pertussis in 2014, where 5x as many children who got the recommended doses of the vaccine got Pertussis compared to those who were not vaccinated. Who are you going to sue there? And what about mumps - almost all recent cases have been in vaccinated individuals. When someone can show us the studies that show the current vaccine schedules are BOTH safe and effective, and that have used real placebos (inert saline solutions and not other vaccines or aluminum) as a comparison for that effectiveness, and compared the health of populations of vaccinated vs unvaccinated....and all of this done by independent sources without conflicts of interest....well then you'll see how selfish your remark is.

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