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October 09, 2014


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aunt Mo

I'm Wiatt's aunt. He has come a very long way. I'm thankful every morning when I drop the kids at school that I no longer have to settle for a head bump. I can get a full fledged hug these days.

Aunt Tootie

I am Wiatt's Great Aunt Tootie (Julie). To say that Wiatt is the sweetest little man is an understatement. He is a smile waiting to happen.I am so proud of his Mom for the warrior she has become on behalf of her boys and all other kids that she is helping with this battle. She is fighting the fight many of us older parents didn't know to fight. I hope and pray that you all will continue to be strong and united in this on going battle to protect your kids, my grandkids and niece and nephews. I love them all beyond all reason.


Thank for your sharing your story. As I start this journey of vaccine injury in my child, I'm saddened to see how common it is but so thankful for the parents standing together to change the laws in MS. Prayers for Wiatt as he continues to heal.

Dr.Nurul Ameen

95% does not like the vaccines &5% living in cloud.

Cyndy "Grammy" Alvarado

I am Wiatt's Grandmother (Grammy) and in one short day, I lost the love of my life. The beautiful, joyful baby boy who gave me the sweetest hugs and kisses, suddenly wouldn't even look me in the eyes or allow me to touch him. It has been a long, hard road to get our little man back. We have spent countless hours researching, talking to other parents who have traveled this road, searching for compassionate doctors and others who had advice and recommendations to help us through this nightmare. I am so proud of his parents for fighting on behalf of Wiatt and his brother, Hunter, and all the other kids, parents and grandparents who know our nightmare. With their help, and the Grace of God, future parents will never have to experience what we've been through. Kiss your babies and say a prayer for all the babies who aren't with us anymore. We were lucky...we have ours back. And, support the parents who are fighting for your right to keep your children and grandchildren from harm.


I applaud you for standing up and telling your story. My infant son and I were seriously injured by vaccines in 2007. He suffered from cellulitis, fever, encephalitis, and convulsions. I almost died because my blood pressure skyrocketed hours after the shot (to the point where I was hallucinating and rushed to the hospital). I shouldn't be alive today and my son should still be seriously brain damaged. Of course, the medical community believes that anything but the vaccines did it even if our reactions were listed as serious side effects by the drug companies! By the Grace of God, we have come so far in our healing. I would later learn that 3 other people were injured in my family by vaccines (one death). I never knew that the risk of immediate injury lies in our DNA. FYI- Nobody escapes vaccine injury - some have a delayed reaction of years or even decades. Vaccines are contaminated with retroviruses, adenoviruses, lentiviruses, staph/strep and so much more due to them using animal blood/DNA in the shots. Did you know that many vaccines have been harvested on HeLa cell lines? Aka Cancer cell lines. We then injected those cancer cells! Cancer is all around us now. In the Bible, God tells us not to drink the blood of sacrificed animals because disease will ensue. He definitely does not want us to inject it! These pathogens are harmless to their host, but it is a totally different story when you inject it into another species. Read "Fear of the Invisible" by Janine Roberts for clarification on that. These pathogens are transmitted via body fluid and they ARE genetic.

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