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October 15, 2014


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Rebecca Carter

The Vaccine Info Statement wasn't sent home today either. :( I don't understand. I will get to the bottom of this situation.


Excellent information, Rebecca. Thank you for being a parent who cares enough to take action and make Mississippi a healthier place for our children.


Thank you, Rebecca! Your stance on this is very much appreciated!!!


As a parent we make choices... To send our children to public or private school to do the flu mist or not ... I choose NOT to do the flu mist...
Although, I think totally putting down on PA, Mrs Love and our administration for a financial gain?
If you do your research which is what it seems she knows how to do, she would know PA makes not one nickel off of this vaccination. If you or someone else has questions about the vaccine then use the brain God gave us all and research it! Everyone has a choice and making other parents feel like the suck as parents to vaccinate or not is wrong! As a parent you don't feel like PA has your child's best interest at heart go to another school! They'll make great decisions for you and your child! I make decisions for MY children they gave you a choice to take it or not, they are a school not a clinic although they are offering this through the children's clinic linda love probably doesn't know everything and detail about the vaccination! As parents it's up to us to research! Bashing someone that does so much for your child is wrong!


***The information about "financial gain" in the blog post was based on my assumption that most people/institutions that are involved with vaccines in some way/shape/form usually benefit financially from them. I assumed the same would go for the school in this case. I spoke about that issue here without having all of the information and I should have never done so. After speaking with the headmaster of the school this morning, he informed me that the school doesn't get any money from the vaccine program.


The original blog post has been edited to omit the comment regarding financial gain, our apologies for the misinformation.

MPVR Stands behind the information shared and its intent to inform parents. This is happening in schools across Mississippi. Schools are not medical clinics and we maintain that the proper place for medical treatment is at a doctor's office. Parents do have valid concerns and the school administration should realize the potential liability surrounding this.


Great points. Thanks for your contribution & compassion on this important matter!


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