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October 04, 2014


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49 doses of 15 vaccines by kindergarten injected directly into MY child's bloodstream is NOT A PERSONAL RIGHTS ISSUE?? The children my God entrusted to ME...not my government, mind you is MY business and my responsibility.

...especially considering the pharmaceutical companies nor the doctors & nurses who administer these vaccines can be held liable when they DO cause harm and death. VACCINES DO, INDEED CAUSE harm and DEATH. #HearThisWell

The National Child Vaccine Injury Act of 1986 states: "No vaccine manufacturer shall be liable in a civil action for damages arising from a vaccine-related injury or death.” (Public Law 99-660)

That comment, that vaccination isn't about personal rights is an arrogant, socialistic statement if I ever read one. There is NO room for Corporate, Government parenting in a free society.

"It is one that seriously affects public safety." you state. The thing most affecting public safety for our children in 2014 is the Big Government vaccine program.

Vaccination is a GOVERNMENT PROGRAM. So many hesitate to trust the government; WHY should the government be guardian of my child regarding vaccinations? Why should unelected bureaucrats who've never met my child have a say in her health care?

Most parents want to vaccinate according to their doctor's recommendations. Educated, EDUCATED!! parents want to work with their doctors to determine what is best for their unique, individual child.
MS state dept. of health is so quick and proud to claim the highest vaccination rates in the country. Never mind that MS is the LEAST healthy state in our nation!

49 doses of 15 vaccines by kindergarten is too many too soon! That isn't anti-vaccine, people, that is COMMON sense.

48 other states! 48 other, healthier sates! MISSISSIPPI FAMILIES ARE BEING EXPLOITED for it's reputation of ignorance and lack of education. It is time for it to stop! Must Mississippi always be dead last?! We bring up the national rear in everything that matters. This is about a parents right to protect their child.

***The state of Mississippi's archaic, outdated vaccine law requires children first be vaccine injured before a parent can begin the uphill, long battle to secure said child from further damage. THAT IS BARBARIC! And now our DOH has contracted an AAP Doctor to come in and reverse previously issued, hard-fought-for, doctor-written medical exemptions! SHAMEFUL! Dr. Rausa's behavior toward the parents of Mississippi is also inexcusable. The reports I hear from parents in his district are reprehensible!

I explore those who buy into this notion that uses seriously dangerous diseases like Polio and Smallpox to sell 30+ doses of vaccines to baby by 6 months to reexamine the issue. I was born in 1979 and received 10 doses of vaccine by high school. If one follows the CDC's recommended schedule they will receive 70 doses of 16 vaccines by 18. I can only believe that the writer of this editorial must be ignorant to the facts. Can we talk? Can I buy you coffee and let us discuss this further?

We do not trust the IRS. We highly question the Flu vaccine administered to adults. This practice of vaccine religion ...a one-size-fits-all medical procedure does not even make sense to any rational, free-thinking adult. That is why EDUCATED parents fail to buy into the propaganda and fear-mongering.

The parents of Mississippi JUST WANT OPTIONS! We are due the same fundamental rights parents in 48 other states have. THIS ABSOLUTELY **IS** A PERSONAL RIGHTS ISSUE. If you are so certain vaccines are the be all end all to children's health, our stance (that of parental rights group, Mississippi Parents for Vaccine Rights...which is most certainly NOT anti-vaccine) should not threaten you so. But then if vaccines equal health, MS would be the healthiest place in the world.


These kinds of articles make no sense. We are close to the bottom of almost every list, or the top of the negatives. Health care, obesity, quality of life, maternity care, C-section rate, the list goes on. But this issue, is indeed a parents rights issue, thr right of a parent to make medical decsions for their children is one of the many things that are keeping people from moving to our state. Lack of vaccine rights is harming our children and is preventing our state from progressing. Even worse, it's being celebrated.

Jennifer Jarrell

The EJ's editorial is utter nonsense!! MS may be first in vaccine pushing but it's dead last in health! Educated, successful parents are leaving our state to move to states that honor a parent's right to work with their pediatrician to decide their child's needs. Check your facts on the decline of these diseases and see what role sanitation and better living conditions played compared to when the vaccines were actually implemented. 49 doses before kindergarten is ridiculous!! #hearthiswell This current schedule has not been tested and vaccine manufacturers hold no liability! We are not anti-vaccine but we are saying that this insanity needs to stop! My children were vaccinated by the current schedule and we are now dealing with cardiac issues in my 15 year old son that his MS pediatric cardiologist admits is linked to his last vaccination!! By the current law in MS his sister has no choice but to continue her vaccines and chance the same issues. Would you be willing to risk it with your child??

cheryl peeples

First of all, this is definitely a personal rights issue. I have every right, given to me by my Maker, to decide what goes in my body and my child's. I have already sacrificed both of my children for the greater good by having them vaccinated. Both of them suffered vaccine injury from the MMR. You have no idea what you are speaking of when you call educated people like myself "anti vaccine". My kids are vaccinated! I know about polio, too, as my grandfather had polio as a child, but fear mongering is not necessary. Dr. Rausa is clueless if he thinks by not mentioning the exemptions MS allows, we won't know. I am a college graduate who can conduct research and read studies and ask legitimate questions regarding health and safety. And here is a real news flash for you....I am also capable of deciding for myself what is best for me and my family with or without MD after my name.


Wow I hope and pray every Mississippian understands what this man is doing. He just wrote how the healthiest state has the lowest vaccine rate, because of the the EDUCATED PEOPLE. And the highest vaccine rate is in the state with the lowest in health and education. How does that even make sense? Please I honestly do not understand. I'm sorry sir but you have absolutely no idea what you're talking about and should not be writing on the matter. Im sure you were paid handsomely but these are people's lives you are messing with. It's not right. What we are trying to do is not stop everyone from getting vaccines, we only want people to be educated and to have the right to choose. I'm sorry but not all vaccines are safe for everyone. That's like saying penicillin is okay for everyone. My family has a long history of autoimmune diseases and are allergic to some of the ingredients in vaccines, my son is also allergic to eggs and the MMR has eggs in it and should not get the vaccine. But please by all means keep getting the vaccines for you and your family I'm not trying to take away your right to vaccinate so please stop trying to take away my rights as a loving parent to not vaccinate. If you want you can go to the CDC website and find out everything that is in each vaccine, then on the same website look up the ingredients and see how harmful they really are for people.


Dear editor,
Did you really do your investigative homework on this issue? Are you aware of the vaccines required and suggested for children now? As parents with children ages 7-31 years of age, we have discovered , to our horror, that the schedules have greatly changed. Also, as medical professionals, we have been exposed to a changing wave in healthcare , namely more government intervention,taking the "art and practice" of medicine out of physician hands and effectively our choices as consumers for healthcare. We are not anti- vax. We are well-educated parents who should be allowed to partner with our pediatrician for informed choices in our child's welfare.
Mississippians should take great offense that we are not capable of making these choices for our children. But then again, we are "perennially last" ( your words, editor) in every single other statistic.
We are geographically situated amongst other states who grant these rights to parents. Our college- aged daughter, who attends a Louisiana university, was able to "opt out" of suggested college vaccinations. And travel back across state lines to Mississippi. How much sense does the mandate in Mississippi make if we border states that allow choices in vaccinations?
As far as statistics go, with Ms being 1st in vaccinations but last in infant mortality, diabetes,,obesity, heart disease, etc., could a weakened, artificially affected immune system be at least partially to blame? Along those lines, my 88 y/o father weathered measles, mumps, chicken pox, whooping cough , influenza and gained life-long immunity for most of these at the same time. We've had 6 children who have had the chicken pox. We, the parents, experienced many of these childhood illnesses also. Guess what? We are all still alive and extremely healthy.
Do a little research and see that Many of these viruses have mutated as a direct result of vaccinations. The mutations tend to be much harder to treat.
Research would also show that most parents who have exercised the right of choice, selectively vaccinate instead of choosing no vaccinations. We recognize the value of vaccines for life-threatening, altering illnesses and are thankful that smallpox has been essentially erased and polio conquered as a result of vaccinations.
No, we weren't "sucked into an Internet conspiracy". Wanting the best for our children is a lifestyle choice that we take full responsibility for.


If opting out of vaccines is such a public danger, where are the massive outbreaks and childhood deaths that we should be seeing in other states because of all the evil parents who refuse to partake of the sacrament that is the defining act of the religion that these vaccine adherents seem to belong to?

In any event, what kind of self important despot tells a parent that he has to vaccinate a child? Seriously, that kind of worship of one's own power might be akin to a mental disorder. Do we have a vaccine for lunacy yet?

If the state can compel a parent to deliver specific medical treatment to a child, then there is truly no limit to what it can force that same parent to do. This is about personal freedom, and in this age of too much power in the hands of too few, I would expect that an editor of a newspaper from the so-called "fourth branch of government" would be able to see further than his own irrational fears and self-aggrandizing do-gooder instinct. Apparently not.

Donna Osborn

Health reporting systems brag about erasing polio. These days our polio vaxed children don't get polio, they only get polio-like symptoms. Still their arms and legs hang like empty balloons by their sides, but by ghosh, they don't have polio, they just have Non Polio Acute Flaccid Paralysis!

Carrie Mabry

Wow. So Colorado, one of the HEALTHIEST states in the US, has the LOWEST vaccine rates, and Mississippi, the SICKEST state in the US, has the HIGHEST vaccine rates. Well, those statistics absolutely reinforce my desire to NOT vaccinate my children.
And to say that EDUCATED parents are more likely to get sucked into conspiracy theories is ridiculous.
Editor, your argument completely lacks evidence and also common sense.
However, in MS my biggest concern is not the over-use of vaccines, but rather that we parents have NO rights to make these decisions (regarding which/when/if/how many vaccines)unless we keep our children out of daycare and school. In my family, I have been forced out of the workplace to be home with my child. I love being home with him, and I love homeschooling, but this is not a choice I was able to make, it was FORCED on our family at great financial hardship. It is not right!
You state that 17 other states have philosophical exemptions, but leave out that FORTY-EIGHT other states have either that or a religious exemption (or both!), and that most states' medical exemptions are granted by doctors, not the state dept of health. MS and WV are the ONLY two states that don't give parents/families these rights, and if our health statistics are any indication, this is NOT a good thing.


Well let's see.... Go look up the map for highest obesity rates.I'll save you the trouble. It's MS and WV on the top. Ironically, the only two states that insist on pumping their residents full of whatever concoction the govt deems necessary today!

COLORADO: far more prosperous, FAR healthier(adults and children), and exceedingly more highly educated and average intelligence (almost 10 pts higher)
MISSISSIPPI: poorest, least healthy, and least educated state in the country with the highest infant mortality and the LOWEST AVERAGE IQ

YET, an editor from a small MS town paper with a relatively tiny little handful of subscribers, is an expert on how it is that intelligent, well-to-do, educated, and loving Colorado parents come to the conclusion that the CDCs extremist childhood vaccine schedule of 49 vaccines by kindergarten is more about money than health.

THEN, you get a vaccine militant elderly doctor who is out of touch with modern medicine and society, who is known to be condescending and rude to parents in his health district, to contribute his "expertise."

This article is nothing but a silly attempt to invert the truth and continue the corruption.

WHICH btw while we are on corruption, Colorado is in the top 10 LEAST corrupt states, while MISSISSIPPI LEADS THE COUNTRY IN CORRUPTION.


Nice job, EJ.


I was born and raised in Mississippi and returned back to my home state after 20 years of living throughout the Southeast. Soon after my return to Mississippi my precious, extremely healthy daughter suffered a terrible vaccine injury that resulted in permanent nervous system damage, post-vaccine encephalitis, and permanent myochlonal tremors that started within 24 hours of the dtap vaccine and continue daily, 4 years later. She was treated by one of the top neurologists in the country at Children's hospital in Atlanta or otherwise she would probably be in a wheelchair and severely autistic. She was forced by the Mississippi department of health to receive ALL her vaccines by age 4 instead of the CDC recommendation of age 6, otherwise she would not be able to return to preschool.I personally blame the MS Dept. of Health for her injury. Lebonhuer Children's Hospital immediately reported her injury to the CDC and she has numerous medical records to document her injury and she was even awarded a settlement by the vaccine injury court that was established back in the 1980's because vaccine injury's are so prevalent, to protect the drug companies that have injured and killed so many children. The facts do not lie. All vaccine inserts that come with each vaccine state all the potential risks including encephalitis, seizures and death. So many people have been injured that the vaccine injury court had to be established because the drug companies could not afford to stay in business and reimburse all the seriously and permanently injured people. NO ONE has the right to tell parents that they have to subject their children to these risks just to have the right to go to school and day care. We all know they are not safe. The facts clearly state that. Medical personnel need to get a conscience and quit lying to parents. Dr. Rausa himself personally denied my daughter's medical waiver which is SUPPOSED to be available in the state of Mississippi for vaccine injured children like her. In fact it was requested twice by two different physicians, including a nuerologist and sent in with all her medical records. When Dr. Rausa speaks of all the time he spends on this topic, he is probably referring to all the vaccine injured children that need medical waivers because of their policies that are causing the injuries. My daughter now lives in Tennessee and she and her brother both received full permanent medical waivers the second day we re-located, based on her medical history. I feel sure that if things are not changed in Mississippi with the tyrant vaccine laws and policies, that one day Mississippi will lead the country in vaccine injuries as well as illness and obesity.


I cringed a little to read this editorial, which in essence is self-congratulatory about the state of Mississippi's ignorance about vaccines and its dogmatism in the area of vaccine policy and law. Is this supposed to relieve parents' concerns about 49 doses of 14 vaccines before age 6, triple the number parents received as children? Is stating how much healthier Colorado children are and how much more educated Colorado parents are about vaccines supposed to persuade us that the risks we read in the vaccine manufacturers' prescribing information are just "conspiracy theories"? We who have used our educations to become critical thinkers take offense at the editor's attempt to paint us as misguided at best and irresponsible at worst. Those of us who have learned the hard way--after our child's vaccine injury--to take personal responsibility for our family's health cannot and will not ever again mindlessly follow the recommendations of vaccine program stakeholders who have NO legal liability for being wrong about the safety and effectiveness of the current vaccination schedule, NO incentives to protect our children from injury, and NO demonstrated interest in either preventing injuries or in helping families when injuries occur. The government has paid out $2.8 billion in vaccine injury compensation to families since 1986 when manufacturers gained a shield from liability from Congress. The CDC publishes a Vaccine Injury Table of injuries that are acknowledged to be caused by vaccines and which are automatically compensated if they occur within the time window given on the table. Encephalopathy (brain inflammation or infection), chronic arthritis, brachial neuritis, anaphylaxis, and death are on-table injuries. We cannot un-know what we know, and since we DO know that the risks are quite real from the scientific literature, the manufacturers' package inserts, and the government's own vaccine compensation program guidelines--not to mention personal experience--,we cannot accept having no choice about how and when our children are vaccinated. It is a personal rights issue and a parental rights issue, no matter how many times "progressive" editors say it isn't. Personally, we moved out of Mississippi last year after living there for over a decade. I was sad to leave, but incredibly relieved to move to a neighboring state which has a very simple exemption that allows me to work with my children's doctor to make individualized decisions regarding their healthcare. As it should be. The citizens of Mississippi just want the same rights 48 other states give their citizens. Nothing in this editorial is likely to persuade them to just relax and trust the state keep calling the shots for their families.

Terra Burchfield

I am a highly educated parent who has decided not to follow the CDC and MSDOH recommended schedule for vaccines. Does that make me a conspiracy theorist, sucker, who gets all my information from the internet? I think not. Just because I don't have an MD behind my name does not mean that I am incapable of reading, learning, and thinking critically.

I have spent literally years researching vaccines, their ingredients, and side effects. My husband and I have made an educated decision on what vaccines my family (not just our children) will receive and when. The kicker is, that until my family was relocated to Mississippi we had no issues with our decision. Our doctors respected us and worked with us. Our children went to school. Our current doctors, who we travel to Tennessee to see, said in response to our decision on vaccines, "You're right. 50 years ago they said cigarettes were beneficial to your health. Just wait" If you're looking only for the opinions of doctors, there's one for you. Doesn't get more educated than a board certified MD.

Your opinion article is riddled with errors and is offensive. Maybe that's what you were going for. We are not anti government, we don't think the government is "out to get us", nor do we "disregard science". We just want parental rights to make medical decisions for our children. Federal or state governments have no place in making health care decisions. That in itself could be a very slippery slope. Medical decisions should be made between a patient and their doctor. Not between a patient and state government.

This is a personal rights issue as well as a religious rights issue. How am I to reconcile my deeply held religious beliefs with vaccines that are produced using cell lines from aborted babies?

Every other state in the country (aside from West Virginia) has a philosophical or religious exemption in place. Even our bottom of the lists neighbors Alabama, Arkansas, and Louisiana have multiple exemption options. These states have almost identical demographics to Mississippi and are not seeing outbreaks or resurgence of disease.

Holding onto an archaic law that deprives parents of their rights is not going to make the rest of the country view Mississippi as a shining example. If anything, we are still the laughing stock with educated, productive families leaving the state as soon as they can. Bottom or darn near close in overall health care, obesity, teen pregnancy, education, corruption, per capita personal income, and childhood wellbeing, in addition to the ones you mentioned. Vaccine compliance (under state mandated law in order to attend school) and receipt of federal assistance is where Mississippi tops the list. That is something to be proud of? Again, I think not!

I suggest you take some time to talk to families whose children have been irreparably harmed by vaccines which the CDC themselves label as "unavoidably unsafe".


The thing I love most about this writing is that the author proves my point with his words better than I could with my very own! He is correct in stating that our very own state of MS is at the bottom in most areas dealing with health, yet we are at the top when it comes to our vaccination rate. Let’s think about that for a minute… Also, it is stated that unvaccinated children in Colorado (a very healthy state) come from highly educated parents. Sir, I find it terribly difficult to believe that “highly educated parents” get sucked in to believing anything. Highly educated parents like those in Colorado and in Mississippi conduct research for hours and hours on end to find the answers needed to make the best decisions for our own children. The very same answers that most doctors have but don’t care to share because that would mean less money in their pocket… Another point that I would like to make deals with those who “can’t be vaccinated for medical reasons.” My vaccine-injured son just happened to be one of those in that category when he was diagnosed with chicken pox and pertussis. He had already been vaccinated for pertussis, yet he got it anyway. He got chicken pox and survived and now has lifelong immunity. The truth is, vaccines shed so the recipient is basically contagious. I believe that he got these diseases from a recently vaccinated child. In my opinion, as the parent of an immuno-suppressed child, a recently vaccinated child is more of a risk to those who “can’t be vaccinated for medical reasons” than anything beneficial. Childhood diseases aren’t fun, but they’re more fun than the permanent damage that can be caused by vaccines. With that being said, IT IS MY RIGHT as a parent to choose what risks I take with my own children. I am a highly educated Mississippi parent. I have not been sucked in to believing anything. I have researched and listened to other parents just like me share about their own children who deserve better. Our children deserve for their own parents to make decisions for them. We deserve the same rights that 48 other states enjoy in making healthcare decisions for their children.

Kim Saucier

The EJ article infuriated me but didn't surprise me at all. I have a vaccine injured child and have personally dealt with these idiots at the MS State Department of Health repeatedly on a quest to obtain a vaccine exemption for my son. The author of this article was quick to point out that MS has the highest vaccination rate in the nation but they neglected to mention that MS also has the highest infant mortality rate and is the most unhealthy state in the nation. I am really tired of anyone who doesn't believe in our totally insane vaccine program being labeled as a conspiracy theorist! I prefer to think of myself as a highly intelligent, very educated person who has invested 10 years into researching vaccines and I am quite capable of thinking for myself and making a rational decision based on my research. I don't rely on information from the Enterprise Journal, CNN or Walgreeens like most individuals who label me as Antivaccine or a conspiracy theorist! I am a mother who took my completely healthy neurotypical 12 month old baby in for a well baby check up and he received multiple vaccinations per his Pediatricians recommendation. Within 72 hours he developed a measles like rash covering his entire body, his temp went up to 104, and he was very irritable. I took him back to the Pediatrician who assured me that it "probably" was not related to the vaccines. Within a few more days he lost eye contact, stopped responding to his name, stopped babbling, started having blank staring episodes (petit mal seizures) and started making high pitched squealing noises. Over the next few months he quickly regressed and started to have severe developmental delays. He started to have GI issues and was hospitalized at 16 months for severe vomiting and diarrhea that the Pediatrician diagnosed as Gastroenteritis of unknown etiology. He was diagnosed with Autism at age 2. Vaccinations are causing more illnesses than they are preventing but these of you paying attention already know this!

Molly Beckwith

How are vaccines making Mississippi healthier? How is a high vaccine compliance rating making Mississippi a more prosperous state? These highly educated parents are leaving Mississippi for other states that allow them the right to make decisions regarding their family’s health and well-being. Have you done any research? Do you know that vaccines don’t guarantee immunity? A vaccinated child can not only spread the same disease they were vaccinated for to another child while remaining asymptomatic, but can actually come down with the flu, measles, mumps, whooping cough, chicken pox, etc. I’m sure you know people who have received their flu shot and have the flu the following week. You’re absolutely correct that too many people don’t know what they need to do to be healthy. That’s why I made the decision to educate myself. I haven’t been vaccinated since I was three years old and my younger brother experienced an adverse reaction to the MMR vaccine. I had the chicken pox as a child… as did the rest of my friends. I’m sure you did as well. Did you know that because we aren’t exposed to this disease any longer, our naturally-acquired antibodies wane, hence the increase in shingles? We are shooting ourselves in the foot. Nobody is suffering in great numbers from these diseases. But we are suffering in epidemic proportions from neurological and autoimmune diseases that have been connected to the heavy metals that are in vaccines. I don’t read conspiracy theories; this is all research. Every child is different. A one-size-fits-all vaccination schedule is not safe for every child and it’s not safe for mine. I just want the right to make that decision. I’m a highly educated mother that would love to contribute to the Mississippi work force. I can’t do that if I’m not given the same rights as 48 other states have. Because I refuse to be bullied by anyone that thinks they know my child better than me.


I have followed vaccine issues in the State of Colorado for 20 years. The media loves to spin exemption rates. It's always a negative spin for states with high exemption rates and a positive one for states with lower exemption rates. What the media likes to leave out is the number of disease cases in the fully vaccinated. They also don't take into consideration the number of new vaccines that have been added to the list of shots required for school.

The CDC report used to support the statement, “Colorado rolls in last at a woeful 85.7% and 82.9%” for vaccination coverage levels for MMR and DTaP, is very misleading. That study was a simple random survey of only 350 of the estimated 70,657 kindergarten students in Colorado, or .5%. This report actually shows exemption rates went down from the year before and that CO was the 4th most improved state. http://www.cdc.gov/mmwr/preview/mmwrhtml/mm6230a3.htm

In 2012 the number of pertussis cases in Colorado children 7 months to 9 years old who were appropriately vaccinated ranged from over 70% of children 7 to 18 months old and over 80% of children 19 months to 9 years old.

For more information on the situation in Colorado, please watch this referenced video - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tYpwCkUGA3g

It's absurd to say that "highly educated parents get sucked into conspiracy theories they read on the Internet." Parents know their children and their children's health better than anyone else. Parents need to be the ones to make the final decision on which medical interventions, including vaccination, they are willing to allow their child to have.


I don't think highly educated people have a tendency to be duped by conspiracy theories. Highly educated parents are smart enough to see the flaws in the current vaccine schedule, study the side effects of harmful additives, and read the research and find the holes in it. Mississippi's coercive tactics to force vaccine compliance are unconstitutional and unsafe! It's not informed consent if you're not fully informed of the risks. Parents should have the final say in their children's healthcare, not the state!

Lindsey Lemmons

Hope this isn't too late!:

EJ, the point of your article is not to educate the public about vaccines, but rather to marginalize the parents of your state who just want the same rights as 48 other states in the U.S.  There are serious implications for over-vaccinating a population for infectious diseases, just as there are serious implications for under-vaccinating a population.   Yet our public health officials herald a 99.9% vaccination rate, which is 33% higher than what is recommended in accordance with their very own fraudulent science.  Then, they have the gall to claim that humanity has eradicated these diseases.  Polio was never eradicated.  There are polio-like symptoms popping up in North America as we speak.  The fact remains that polio-like symptoms are caused by all sorts of different viruses and that only three strains of one specific virus that causes these symptoms were targeted by the viral polio vaccine.  That means the rest of the viruses that cause polio-like symptoms have been able to continue and/or increase in occurrence without notice and proper identification by the general public. In fact, it is recommended by international public health officials to control poliovirus and its associated viral counterparts in third world nations by improving water sanitation, not by vaccination, since this sort of disease is typically spread by a fecal-oral transmission.  

If you want some honest answers on the impacts of vaccines, try looking into how we keep livestock animals healthy.  These studies offer us insight into how vaccines, in theory, work in a population and what to expect.  Our farmers have found that for long-term herd immunity, vaccines are actually less effective than natural exposure for some diseases.  In fact, they have seen abortion rates increase in some vaccinated livestock, which is attributed to the vaccine being a "stronger dose" than what occurs from natural exposure.  Because of this, some farmers are looking for alternative means of disease prevention, since increased abortion rates are unacceptable for livestock.  You are seeing some farmers practice more "natural exposure" methods, rather than vaccination-only, for improving the herd's immunity.  Do note that they still use vaccinations, they just delay and limit the need and use.  

It is also important to note that when you look at the science for vaccinated cattle, their studies claim that the "stress" of being a livestock cow can make the vaccines not only ineffective, but can cause the animals to connect the very disease they are trying to prevent. For most disease, a short 14-day window of "acclimation" to the new stressors can result in a much better response to the vaccines and thus reduce the risk of the animal getting sick from the vaccine itself.  If this is indeed true, it seems that the effectiveness and impacts of vaccines can literally vary from day-to-day based upon the stresses acting upon the organism being vaccinated.  Based upon this basic understanding of immunity, parents should be given much more freedom to choose how and when their children receive vaccinations. To say that they are treating us like cattle may be an understatement, given that even our cattle farmers are wising up to the over-vaccination blunder.  The deceptive science that you are promoting, EJ and our state health department, is just simply to sell more vaccines in the U.S.  There is absolutely no need to maintain a 100% vaccination rate.  If you want to see who are the conspiracy theorists, look at who is perpetuating the fear.  Shame on you, EJ, for feeding the scare tactics and demonizing the investigative portion of our populace.  These people aren't anti-vaccinations...they're anti-corruption. 

Lindsey Lemmons

Contract, not connect

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