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February 05, 2014


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Brittany Lambert

Very well said! We will not back down. We will use our frustration to push harder for our rights in 2015!

vicky rose

Yes, Congressman Mims, I would like to know why also? Why is it the parents who are aware of and speak up for this opportunity for freedom are shut out by ABC soup Govt Agencies? Why can't we get a fair hearing when even your colleagues would like for us to!

Rebecca Carter

We only want the same thing that Sam Mims states that he wants: "to take back responsibility for our own families." Our children deserve better! Our children deserve for their parents to make decisions about their healthcare. This is a common sense issue.

Carolyn Brownell

Precious lives are at stake here. Exactly where do your interests lie?

Sahara Cornwell

Until this bill passes,I am forced to homeschool,therefore i cannot work and bring in an income to support my family. I would at least appreciate the choice to send my child to school and be able to have a career again. Please reconsider. My childs bright future is at stake.

Nychole Ball

I could not agree more with what was stated. Mr. Mims has refused to listen to the people that elected him. He refuses to even have a conversation with them. This is not what he was elected to do. He was elected to represent the people that elected him, not do what he wants to do. There are 48 other states that have the right to choose how to medicate their child. But Mr. Mims is keeping that right from us as parents. Mr. Mims you are not working for the people of Mississippi, you are not letting the moms and dads take responsibility for their families, and you surely are not helping the government have a limited role. Your actions have been noted by many and it will be told to others. We will not back down. We will stand our ground. We deserve and will have our rights as parents. Even if that means fighting for another person to take your seat at the next election.

Kellie Bischof, former MS resident

Sam Mims...your decision to deny families the opportunity to make individual health decisions for their own children is simply shameful and anti-American.

Katie Boren Rayburn

My husband and I both called Rep. Mim's office and cell phone leaving messages with no return calls. We also stopped by his office in Jackson also to speak with him and left a written message with Tammy, his admin assistant, but never heard back. We want him to know we would like the options that 48 other states have to make health decisions concerning vaccinations for our children. We have both been residents of MS most of our lives. We will either home school our children or move out of state if this law does not change and this violation of our rights continues. He is a corporate pilot for a large MS company and I am a stay at home mom with a background in art and design. We have both served our state teaching--he at a public university and myself at a public middle school. Our children should have the opportunity to be part of the public school system in which we have invested much time and money without compromising their health.


Great article!

Yes, Mr. Mims....why?? We deserve the right to choose what is best for OUR babies!!!

Yvette Lewis

I would also like to know where Mr. Mims' loyalties lie. My family just left the state of Mississippi over this issue. My husband was transferred to Memphis and we could have lived in Southaven and continued to enjoy Mississippi, but I jumped at the chance to move to Tennessee because the right to choose individualized preventative healthcare for my children was more important to me than any other consideration. The fact that this is above all a parental rights issue is so utterly clear that it is baffling to me how any citizen who claims to want to limit government control over families could fail to support it. I am eagerly awaiting a good-faith dialogue or a rational explanation, hopefully one less tone-deaf and less patronizing to the intelligent parents of Mississippi than "Mississippi isn't ready."

Jennifer Jarrell

I am a constituent of Sam Mims and met with him and 6 other constituents. My 10 year old daughter was in this meeting and was not impressed with our representative. After the meeting, which was her first experience with a politician, I asked what she thought. Her response, "Mama, that man wasn't listening to y'all. He just wanted you to quit talking and leave." Not exactly the lesson I was trying to teach her. Mr. Mims, you are supposed to represent Pike County and help lead MS in a better direction. We ask for the same rights as other states! I want choices before my fully vaccinated children are forced to have even more vaccines. Common sense says 49 doses of 15 vaccines by age 5 is too many. Help us protect our children's health by allowing us to work with our doctors not politicians.

Christie Abercrombie

I would like you, Sam Mims, to explain how your statements above really line up with what you BELIEVE. If you are for a limited government role in families and families to have responsibilities, why do you completely contradict your statements by your actions? If you believe wholeheartedly in your statements above, then the MS vaccine philosophical exemption should be a bill you wrote and signed. Instead, you continuously kill the bill and will not even allow it to come to vote with your excuse of "MS is not ready!" MS was ready a long time ago. This is an archaic law that is totally allowing government to run our lives which you state you are against. You have proven over and over that you are not here for us, but for whomever is lining your pockets. It is time for you to take a stand for the families of MS, the ones that elected you and the ones that can make sure you are not elected again. MS is READY to have the same rights as 48 other states!

Kimberly Cabe, FNP

Indeed, where do your loyalties lie Mr. Sims? I'll tell you where mine lie: with my family, my children. My husband and I are the only people with their best interests at heart. As such, we should be making all healthcare decisions without threats or coercion from the government. Raising our children as we see fit is a fundamental, God given right. Who are you to stand in our way? Mississippi parents and children deserve a philosophical exemption to the out of control vaccine program. We won't stop til we get it.

MaryJo Perry

Mr. Mims,I have talked to at least fifty representatives and senators over the last two years about this issue. In the past I have looked a little sideways at politicians, not knowing who to trust. The truth is, that I have been pleasantly surprised that most of the legislators I have spoken to and met with are caring, very common sense and and a pleasure to work with, both democrat and republican. They are open, concerned about our children, concerned about liberty, and want to learn more. Most have voiced their support of the concept of parents ultimately being responsible for their children's vaccination program, including passing legislation to provide a personal belief waiver. Most agree that 30-49 vaccines by kindergarten is a very heavy, and possibly unnecessary load of vaccines, especially for some children. MOST know a child who has been adversely affected by too many vaccines.

I believe our group has made huge gains in support just by increasing awareness. It's rewarding when your cause is so common sense that simple discussions with people is usually all it takes to gain their agreement.

However, for some mysterious reason, you, Mr. Mims, have dug in your heels against our cause, refusing to discuss it, refusing to have a hearing, giving only a flimsy reason, saying, "We are not ready." Who is "we"???

So Mississippians are all left wondering: What is the REAL reason Mims is so resistant? Huh. Just a mystery. Perhaps at some point someone will figure it out. What would be refreshing would be if you would just be honest. We are waiting.

In the meantime, we intend to get this done, and I am quite certain, because my God is a God of freedom, that HE is with us.

Tori Jenkins

This is something that Mississippi needs!! Mississippi IS ready for this!! 48 other states have the right and Mississippi deserves to be state 49 with the right. This is something a lot of parents are very passionate about and we will continue to fight for the right that we as parents deserve.

Sheila Phifer

Dear Mr. Mims,
You say one thing but do another. My legislature would have loved to have an opportunity to help the parents in his district as well as others in other districts, If a bill gets shot down time and time again ,something just don't add up.You say parents need to take more responsibility but then you don't give them any.Mississippi is ready for this bill and its time to come out of the dark ages and into a new era where parents can do what they think is best for THEIR children! Raising our children as we see fit is a fundamental, God given right. Who are you to stand in our way? Mississippi parents and children deserve a philosophical exemption to the out of control vaccine program. We won't stop til we get it.

Cindy Woods

Mr. Mims, you say you believe in individual responsibility, limited government, and parents taking responsibility for their families, but your handling of this legislation goes completely against all three of those vital and basic Republican tenets. You'll protect our right to bear arms to protect our family, but you've shown no respect nor support for legislation that would give Mississippi parents the most basic right to protect their children by allowing fhem to make medical treatment decisions based on what is best for them as precious individuals. Our children are not all alike, not identical -- they are fearfully and wonderfully made individuals with individual issues and needs. Mississippi parents want the vaccine options afforded parents in 48 other states so we can give our children the right vaccines at the right time FOR THEM. We want to protect our children's health and give them every opportunity to become the productive, healthy adults they are capable of being. And we expect you to honor what you say you believe by supporting our right to do that.

Ginger Martin

Leave the state of Mississippi. HEAVENLY WAS BORN IN FLOWOOD AT THE WOMENS . SHE WAS CALLED A 10 REDUCED TO A 9 THE NEXT DAY. She was injured by the DPaT at 4 months. It is clearly noted after 2 1/2 years of test that that shot severely damaged her. She can not even turn over, know her name now use her arms. How do you live with trying to force orients to take thus chance on their child's life?

What kind of person wants more children damaged for the states to support. Stop the vaccines and the damage stops.

Derek Perry

The Ladies have been trying to get this through by educating you and you continue to be a road block. Maybe the Men's approach should be getting you out of office.

Carrie Mabry

After our middle child spent a week in ICU at Batson and almost five years on anti-seizure meds following her "kindergarten" shots, we stopped vaccinating our youngest child. In any other state (besides MS/WV) we could make that decision without the consequences of him not being allowed into any daycare or school. Now I am unable to work since I have no option other than caring for and educating him at home, at tremendous financial hardship to our family. There are so many other families unable to stay home though, and are either forced to vaccinate their children against their wishes or leave the state. We will be leaving after our oldest child graduates next year unless a philosophical exemption becomes available.
It is not fair to deny MS parents the sane rights regarding our children's health!


Sam does this - killing the vaccine rights bill - because he loves his friends in the Big Pharma industry. He has friends all over that industry. They donate to him. They feed him propaganda, which he willingly swallows in copious amounts. They love him. And he loves them back by allowing them to continue to predate on the children of Mississippi.

Shame on you, Sam Mims. You are a liar and a tyrant. The blood of any child of a parent who may have opted out but couldn't this year who is harmed as a result of receiving a vaccine is on your hands. You talk about "limited government" and then behave like Obama himself - killing a bill that you KNOW would pass, because it might cost your friends money.

Liar. Corrupt. Self-Important. Tyrant. Those are the words I think of when I hear your name.

Lauren Lynch

My question is: DOES SAM MIMS EVEN KNOW WHAT HE BELIEVES?? Sam, Do you actually believe in ANYTHING enough to stand for it? Be straight. Be a man. Have a backbone and an opinion. Stop the double talk and the lies!! Not only are you single handedly responsible for more injuries to children who have already had too many vaccines, you are injuring the economy of OUR state. You are injuring the school systems in OUR state. If parents can't work (from having to stay home with children) they can't spend money. If they can't spend money, our economy stays stagnant. There's enough of us living on one income and pennies because SAM thinks he knows best. Don't the schools get money (title 1 or otherwise) per child who is enrolled and attends school?? So what if, just the 1500-2000 parents that are outspoken about this have two children each, currently NOT in school, just because SAM knows best?? How much money is that?? But congratulations, Sam!!! What you are doing.... Is fueling the fire. You can not stop us. You will not silence us. The harder we must fight, the louder WE WILL get. We will spread like the wildfire we are! We will keep sharing our stories and we will turn more and more parents away from the pockets of your friends. You should have let us just go away quietly!!

Will Samders

There is no confusion. We all know where Sam Mims' loyalties lie...and it is not with the people whom he serves. Sadly, he underestimates the power of this people and obviously, the capacity in which we operate in order to protect OUR children.

This is Mississippi. Our state is the epitome of conservative. Folks are realizing very quickly those politicians that aren't upholding true liberty driven values with their actions within the government and you, Sam Mims', won't last long.

A Caring Mother

My only conclusion is that Sam doesn't care about humanity in any way. Plus I suspect if the money trail were to be followed he would be kicked out due to Influences. Seriously Mr. Mim , you continually do a great disservice to this beautiful state and the people within. I am ready to see you get voted out or better yet, removed prematurely as you sincerely care nothing about the people. People that care about others don't hurt them.

Mandi Sanders

As a life-long Mississippian, I would love nothing more than to continue living here and working toward bettering my home state. I've pursued both of my college degrees as did my husband. We've each successfully started and run small businesses. We actively participate in developing community in our towns and work hard to involve our children in all aspects of community building, so that they, too, value our state. However, as both of our children are now school age, being forced to homeschool them and each of us sacrificing time, thus income, away from our small businesses, moving out of state to ANY of the 48 other states that give us the Freedom to make decisions for our children and does not deny them the right to public/private school education seems to be the best solution. Instead of giving back to the state we love, we must take our economy growing, community enriching small businesses run by highly educated individuals elsewhere. Do you not see the impact of your unwillingness to even do your job and listen to us, Sam Mims?

Ivette Ray

Mr. Mims, My husband and I called you numerous times, left messages with Tammy, and e-mailed you. Each time, we asked for a reply. Not once did we hear back from you. It is clear that you believe every child should be vaccinated according to the GOVERNMENT's schedule. But as a public servant, it should not matter what your personal convictions are- your job is to listen to the people you represent. The conflict of interest you have in this issue is blatant. You work for a health care company and you cater to the pharmaceutical and medical industries- that puts you at odds for the position you hold in Congress. If you cannot put your own interests aside, perhaps it is time that you RESIGN your post as a representative of the people.

Amanda Elliott

I'll never understand how you, one single man with way too much power, think you can make the right decision for thousands and thousands of Mississippi children you don't even know. That you could possibly know better what's best for our children than we, their parents, do. My son has been injured by vaccines, but not "badly enough" yet to suit the DOH. Your archaic laws tell me I have to damage him further before the madness can stop. Think again!!! NOT gonna happen!!! You can kiss my tax money goodbye. I hope to be able to return someday, once you are out of office or start doing your job properly instead of catering to Pharma. I may not live in your county, but you can bet I'll wholeheartedly support and campaign for whoever runs against you.


Thank you Sam Mims!!! Thank you so much for not returning my calls, ignoring my messages and ignoring my emails. I said reply with a simple "$" so I at least knew you read it and I knew you were busy so tried to make it as quick a process of answering my email as possible, yet you did not. Thank you so much for your false alegience to you very own beliefs. Government is of the people, for the people, by the people. Therefore government IS THE PEOPLE!!! So I guess Less Government in your eyes is stripping the people of their rights and Americans and leaving it up to JACKWAGONS like you. Since you expect me to trust you and give YOU the freedom to make the decisions for my baby, I will be expecting financial support from you now I guess. When can I get my check??? All jokes aside, thank you for confirming who you really are and what you stand for. Will you please run for higher office? I sincerely look forward to ACTIVELY voting against you. THANKS AGAIN!!!


He talks the talk, but he walks the Big Pharma $$$ walk. He is NOT representing families, limited government, and personal rights!!! What a shame. I hope his constituents can see this as clearly as I can

Dr. Kimberly Taylor

Dear Mr. Mims,
I am writing to you in this forum, as you have in the past 2 weeks refused to return 6 phone messages, one of those left in person while I was in the capital, or to respond to any of the emails I sent. As a new doctor in this state, I was looking forward to starting a practice. This will not be happening because I get to stay home and homeschool our two small children. As I read the governor’s mission statement for this state – to increase the economy by attracting better businesses to supply jobs and to improve the education level, and YOUR stance on limited government and return of responsibility to parents for our families, I am seriously confused. You have has RECENT input from over 1500 EDUCATED families in this state regarding restoring our parental rights to make health care decisions for OUR children and you IGNORED IT! I will put aside the emotional and health aspect that results from you decision momentarily and first focus on the economics. How many families have you heard from that are not contributing to the tax structure in this state because they are staying home because their children are not allowed in school? How many jobs are you losing from people like me who would otherwise start a business and employ people? And you don’t even know how many leave the state or refuse to come in the first place because of this violation of rights which only occurs in TWO states in our country? How in the world can you justify killing a bill that your peers have voiced their interest in learning more about. What were you afraid of? That they would vote and it would pass, as you stated you were sure that it would? Since I am not the only one who heard nothing from you when trying to reach you to discuss this topic further, what exactly are you doing and who are you talking to that keeps you from talking to all the people, many YOUR constituents who have contacted you multiple times? THIS IS A MATTER OF PERSONAL RIGHTS BEING VIOLATED BY OVERREACHING GOVERNMENT CONTROL INTO HEALTH MATTERS THEY HAVE NO BUSINESS BEING IN! Who are you to stand in the way of MY children going to school that OUR taxes have funded?
Now, let’s get past the financial aspect of your decision to the real issue. Over 49 vaccines before kindergarten is ridiculous and mandating that in this state obviously has NOT helped the overall health rate Mississippi which ranks 50. Now some may argue about other factors that may contribute to this. So, here is a stat you might find interesting: the infant mortality (per 1000) in the US is 6.6. Mississippi has the HIGHEST INFANT MORTALITY RATE IN THE 50 STATES of 10 WHICH IS ALMOST DOUBLE THE US AVERAGE.** Please explain to the parents of vaccine-injured children here in your state and in your own district why they have to fight to avoid further injury to their children. Please explain why you think over vaccinating our children is the way to make sure Mississippi is “safe” from parents who want to make their own choice of health care for their children. Mississippi parents WILL succeed in adding this exemption to the laws. . For someone who is the chair of the health committee, you seem to have a very poor understanding of the meaning of health.
As I said before, I am new in the state but that doesn’t keep me from seeing that you should be watching for some competition for your position because you are obviously not working for the people in Mississippi. It will be very interesting to see who it is that you are working for. I am a doctor and advocate for my patients but my first role is as mother and YOU will not stand in the way of me protecting my children!


I usually don't leave negative comments on posts because I choose to not say anything if I can't say something positive. In this case, though, I have nothing positive to say. It is a terrible shame that you are against allowing parents in this state to make choices for their own families. You should be embarrassed and ashamed of yourself for saying that parents should take responsibility for their own children, but then you turn right around and refuse to give us the opportunity to do that very thing. Even if you personally don't believe that parents should be allowed to make decisions about what's best for their own children, the fact remains that we should be able to--whether you agree or not. Parents in 48 states have this right, so why don't we have it in MS? Because of people like you.

Kimberly Cox

How can you make the decision for my child that you do not even know? I would love for you to meet him...I would love for you to watch videos of him when he was 6 months old, 12 months old, and then 12-15 months old. I would love for you to tell me that you know more than his symptoms or his diagnosis. You only are interested in being re-elected and you will tell anyone anything they want to hear for the time being to get re-elected. Well, guess what....Mississippians put you in office and they can take you OUT! 48 other states have vaccine rights and yet, you continue to say that Mississippi is not ready....you are practically calling us IDIOTS. We will not quit fighting until our bill is passed, however long it may take. I would hate to be you and lay my head on a pillow every night...I don't know how you sleep.

Liz vance

I do not need government making choices for me ...EVER


My family has been considering moving out of state, but now we will seriously be looking for opportunities elsewhere. My child and I have been harassed out of one pediatrician's practice, and "fired" from another, not because we choose NOT to vaccinate, but because we choose to SPREAD THEM OUT, and DELAY certain ones. Did you get that? We VACCINATE OUR CHILD, and still are discriminated against and bullied. This is my baby, Mr. Mims. Not yours, not the state's. I am a critical care RN, and I have worked in pediatrics. I am an educated mother. I am pissed off.


I'm disappointed in your actions (or lack thereof), Mr. Mims. Mississippi Parents have been asking for the same rights as 48 other states for years now, and you have the power to give us a CHANCE to have this vote. Instead, you continually avoid our phone calls and emails. This bill shouldn't take much thought. Since 48 other states in our wonderful nation have this right, we, the parents of Mississippi, should also be afforded the same right. We pay taxes; let our children attend school! No brainer!

Kim Saucier

I have to applaud Dr. Kimberly Taylor's post! Too bad we don't have more doctors in this state who are as educated and informed about vaccines as she is! It is very unfortunate for us that once again Sam Mims kept this bill from being voted on. I regret to say that I voted for him but he can rest assured that I won't make the same mistake twice!

Bill Cox (Iuka, MS)

Mr. Mims. I read that you are a father of three children. Congratulations. Now, just for a moment, put yourself in my shoes. I am a father of a 4 year old with autism. Remember how you felt the first time you watched your child stand up on their own? The first time they talked? The first time they looked you in the eyes and smiled? The first time you heard their voice count to ten? So do I. I also clearly remember how, after only a short time after having his first round of vaccines everything changed. My son no longer looked me in the eye when i called his name. He no longer counted to 15 or even ten, or even 2. The pre-talking ( jabbering) stopped. His focus disappeared. As concerned parents we began to search for a reason why. Why would everything that was progressing so normally suddenly stop? What was the only link? Vaccines! Yes, in my son's case the vaccines were the only thing introduced to him that was different.Soon we discovered that there were many other parents like ourselves that were experiencing the same thing. Other states have recognized that parents should have the right to determine, along with their doctor, whether or not vaccines is the right choice for their child. Whether or not vaccines would benefit or do more harm. Whether the risk is worth the chance of further damaging or limiting the hopes and dreams all parents have for their child to live a happy, normal and productive life. All we as parents want is what we deserve, what all parents deserve, that is the right to choose what is best for their own child. Sam Mims, you make decisions every day that effect the lives of your own children. Imagine if someone told you that someone else who doesn't know your children like you do had the power to force you to do something that you thought might endanger their lives? Would you concede that right without a fight? I, nor my wife will ever concede. Our son is too important to us. As Churchill once so famously stated ( slightly amended to our cause) "We shall go on to the end. We shall fight in [Jackson], we shall fight on the seas and oceans, we shall fight with growing confidence and growing strength in the air, we shall defend our [children], whatever the cost may be. We shall fight on the beaches, we shall fight on the landing grounds, we shall fight in the fields and in the streets, we shall fight in the hills; we shall never surrender". Mr. Mims, I leave you with this one last thought.... As you lay down at night after a hard days work, many of us with children with autism are still up. Our children sometimes do not sleep normal cycles like others. We may be up with our child until 3,4 or even 5 am before they finally fall asleep, knowing full well we have to work a full day the next day. We struggle with every aspect of society. From bullying at schools by other children and even some educators, from depictions of autistic children by some as a joke on television, from the uneducated and uninformed at the grocery store who stares and whispers to one another. From even those in the medical profession and state government who fight us tooth and nail about medical coverage and providing therapy that is much needed and hard to come by. As you sleep, we are awake. Even when our children sleep we are often awake, reminded of the decision we made to trust those in the medical field that said "you have to vaccinate!", and wishing to God we had been better informed and given the choice!

Luke Walker

Sam: I grew up in Moss Point. Left years ago. Been pretty well educated. Harvard Law, PhD in Public Policy. Have learned a lot about government corruption, lobbyists and bought off legislators, as well as tons about GMOs, Vaccine dangers and the critical importance of good nutrition. After all, health begins in the navel (Proverbs 3:8), not in the needle. Let me put it bluntly: You have been bought off by the Pharm industry that profits on maintaining a sick population, destroying the natural immune system of children and pumping them full of unnatural chemicals and biological agents, and basically enslaving them until they die. Based on what I am reading here, you, sir, are corrupt and foolish. You should be destroyed financially by the citizens of MPVR bringing a RICO class action against you and the major pharmaceutical companies that fund you for making and promoting legislative decisions that jeopardize the health and immune system of all children of Mississippi. It is time to stop the Big Pharm Slavery System in Mississippi!


Our child had a allergic reaction to her vacciness. And even though her doctor agreed it was a serious reaction. He sent us packing when I asked for a medical exemption from those certain vaccines. With nothing recorded in her records it was simply our word against his. There is a law in place that protects doctors and nurses from being held accountable for any thing to do with vaccinations. Even though it was recommended by the manufacter of the vaccines she received to not administer again. He told us to get a religious exemption it would be easier. I shared this with you in a brief phone conversation last year when the bill was first introduced. And how important it was to the family's in the state of Mississippi. Your response to me was the doctor wouldn't do such a thing and I was a emotionally driven mother and you couldn't make your disions based on this. Well Mr Mims the doctor may have gotten away with this but you won't!!
Everyday we grow stronger and find more emotionally driven parents that would like to choose which vaccines are given and when. All we asked for is the same rights as the other 48 states have in this wonderful FREE country we live in. And by the way thank you for not returning my calls or emails this year.


This is so frustrating!! Please, hear our cries... all we want is the right to choose for our children. You choose for yours... WHY do you make it your mission to crush the opportunity for us to choose for ours? My son was diagnosed with sensory processing disorder and autism November 2012. Within days of a live virus vaccine (September 2012), he regressed to an almost non verbal state. It has taken over 15 months of intense therapy, both OT and speech, to help him progress. What is your motive for squashing this bill? Do you have a reason? Is it sheer vindictiveness? Educate yourself, Sam Mims. EDUCATE YOURSELF!!!

Kim Saucier

Bill Cox....you took the words right out of my mouth! The exact same thing happened to our son. He was a healthy neurotypical baby. Went to his 12 month well baby check up and he was given multiple vaccines. He broke out in a rash, spiked a temp and became very agitated. Over the next few days he lost eye contact, stopped babbling, stopped responding to his name and started having blank staring episodes. He then started the hand flapping and high pitched squealing. He experienced a very common side effect from all vaccines....encephalitis....also known as brain inflammation, which causes the symptoms we know as Autism. So yes...VACCINES DO CAUSE AUTISM in some children! As parents we should have the right to choose what is injected into our children's body!

J. Fulton

I am thankful for these young mothers and fathers who are not blindly accepting what our government and society are trying to sell. Unfortunately, many of them were thrust into this because they have seen first hand the damage some vaccines can do to young children. Vaccines do not fall in the "one size fits all" category. Every child is different. Parents deserve a choice in deciding which vaccines and when they will be given. I don't know but it seems, Mr. Mims, that money is the driving force in your actions. The driving force with most of these parents is LOVE and a passion to help their children. Most of them are homeschooling their children to be able to have choices in the vaccines. Many of them deal with financial hardships and some families especially single parent families are forced to choose vaccines because they don't have the means to stay home and homeschool. I'm praying you will have your eyes and heart opened so that love and the well being of Mississippi's children will overcome the rule of money in your life. If money is not driving your decisions, please tell us what is your reasoning - and please don't insult us again by saying something like 'Mississippi is not ready for this'.

T. Burchfield

Was it my choice to move to Mississippi? No! My husband was transferred here due to his job. A job where we have no choice where we live. As a special agent for the FBI he puts his life on the line everyday to keep people in our country safe. Infuriatingly, if we want our kids to go to school here he can't protect them from an overloaded vaccine schedule with no options to choose which ones, when they are administered, and how many they receive. We moved from Florida where my son had an exemption and was able to attend school. I enjoyed a career as a dental hygienist. Because we do not follow the "recommended schedule" I have been forced to give up my career to stay home and homeschool my children. The sad thing about this, is that we love living in Mississippi. My husband is from Brandon and is a graduate of Ole Miss. We would like very much to stay here and raise our family. That will not happen unless this law is changed. We will apply for the first available transfer out of here. If you continue to hold on to this archaic law you will run off more and more people who just want options and to have their parental rights recognized. 48 other states give parents the right to choose for their children. Our children deserve better from you and we, their parents, deserve better from you. Quite frankly, I'm disappointed in you. You have a way to make this right and you continue to block our efforts. Efforts to do what we feel is right for our children. Keep holding on to your antiquated way of thinking. Keep holding hands with doctors, lobbyists, and pharmaceutical companies who have nothing to lose and can not be held responsible for any damage that is caused. Mississippi is good and darn well ready to have the same rights as every other state in the south. I implore you to step outside of what you have always done and what you have always heard. I truly believe the results would be a step forward for Mississippi and her families.

Jeremy B.

48 other states allow for an exemption. Every one of Mississippi's neighboring states have a law in place which allows for parents to make choices for their children regarding vaccines. These neighboring states have very similar, if not nearly identical, socio-economic statuses among its citizenry. How can you possibly state that "Mississippi is just not ready?" What made Alabama ready? What made Tennessee ready? What made Louisiana ready? What made Arkansas ready? Parents in these states have the luxury of making informed decisions regarding their children's health. We, as Mississippians, do not. It is difficult to believe that we live in the year 2014 in the United States of America, and we as Mississippians must abide by a law that forces us to either vaccinate our children on a predetermined schedule or keep them at home. A law, which 48 other states agree, was due for a change. Don't you think that Mississippi deserves better?

Jess H

Mr. Mims, I just want to know WHY? Why can't Mississippi parents have the same rights as parents in 48 other states? We deserve the same rights regarding the timing and administration of vaccines. As parents, we are the voices for our children. Each parent knows what it right for their child. With the philosophical exemption, parents can still vaccinate but they would be able to spread the vaccines out. I hate the idea of my child getting eight vaccines in one day. I was born in the early eighties and never received that many in one visit. Have you taken the time to compare the CDC Vaccine Schedule from 1983 to today's schedule? If you did, you would realize that it is extremely different! I am currently looking for other options for my child. The only way I can avoid the multi-dose vaccines is to take her out of daycare. I am unable to stay home with her, due to finiancial reasons. There are nights that I do sleep, worried about her next shots. But, I guess that you do not care about Mississippi parents and their children. I hope that you will at least consider what we are going through. And, if you are unwilling to...maybe you won't be in office next year and block our rights!


I'll tell you where his loyalty lies...big pharmaceuticals!! There is huge money involved. The best way to get rich in this nation is to pay elected officials to legislate on your behalf and just send them a % of the profits. If I was a legislature I would push very hard to have all states enforce a law that would state that all businesses of any type would have to list ownership on the Secretary of States website. Violation of this law would mandate forfeiture of the business with no recompense. There are many businesses owned by politicians in this nation that taxpayer money is being funnelled into.

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