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October 15, 2015


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Lindey Magee

Christian friends...this matters. This MATTERS. It has been my steadfast prayer for going on 3 years that the church pay attention...that the church care and demand truth for our children.

Brothers and Sisters in Christ,
Sincerely, why do you not care? What is more important than this? I pray you too are convicted to fight for our children, for freedom and for truth, and that you arrive to that conviction BEFORE your children are harmed. xoxo

Bev Pattenden

I have just asked this same question yesterday on my facebook page. How is it that Christians are not interested in protecting their freedom and searching for the truth about vaccines. When vaccines include human cells (from aborted babies) animal and insect cells, along with other dangerous concoctions, it is disturbing that so many believers are going along with this Satanic program of injecting poisons into our healthy babies. As I have said many times before, it is similar to ancient days when the people offered their children on the alter to MOLOCH in the hope of a good season, that the multitude now offer their children on the alter to BIG PHARMA, in the hope of good health. If they get away with this, the microchip is next. If you do not know about the Mark of the Beast 666, you are in serious trouble, both spiritually and physically.
Please check my public facebook group "Wrong Vaccines" for the truth.

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